Commission slots open every 2 weeks give or take a few days, and I open 3 at a time. My Patreon supporters are given 24 hour early access to the form, and afterwards if there are any remaining slots available, I post them up on Twitter and Tumblr the following day. I will also update here with the date of the next batch of slots opening!

Rendered Portraits

Portraits of a single character range from $230-$350, and couple pieces range from $350-550 depending on how complicated the poses/clothing/characters themselves are.

Will do:
-Humanoid characters
-Semi-complex clothing
-Horns/antlers/scales/animal ears/etc
-Any fantasy skintones
-Suggestive/tasteful nudity (at my discretion)

Won't do:

-Characters without visual references
-Excessively monstrous characters (check w/ me if you aren't sure, or go ahead and fill the form out and I will let you know)
-Anything overly complicated at my discretion

I will let you know if I don't think I can do your character justice in this format.

After you confirm the date and price, I will be invoicing you for the total amount. After I receive your payment, I will get to work on your sketch! I will send that to you and make sure everything looks right before I get to painting.

These portraits will take approximately 2 weeks for me to complete after the sketch.

I do not send updates as I work, so PLEASE be sure that all of your reference and description info is correct!

*****I DO NOT do revisions after the final piece is sent. Do not ask me. If this is a dealbreaker for you, I understand, but please keep this in mind. I will do minor revisions AT MY DISCRETION to sketches.
If I do make a mistake (for example, brown eyes instead of green, or I forget a scar) I will of course fix it! Please be sure to double check your references!

You will receive a download via Google Drive link to the full resolution piece when it is complete!